Frog in the Pot

Alvin Sketch
Alvin Taylor
©2014 Richard Beckham II

Alvin Taylor, a twenty-something alcoholic janitor in Seattle, can’t seem to reconcile his life with society. And until he does, he’s a frog in the pot.

In other words, he’s going through  a quarter-life crisis.

Alvin lives alone, barely clinging to the few friends he can barely relate to, while having no significant other. On winter vacation he visits a friend in Bellingham, near Canada, and after a belligerent encounter with the police he decides to turn his life around…by becoming a crossing guard at an elementary school. Hopefully.

If life isn’t a test then what is it?

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I had this feeling building up inside me for a while. It was some kind of unreleased energy that accumulated over the years, maybe pent-up frustration or something. Pent-up huh? That’s a good description for it. Kind of like you were caged or even a prisoner and you wanted to do something about it, but couldn’t. In other words, what would you do when you got out of jail? What ARE you when you got out of jail, probably not the same person that you were. Well, I’d be free for a change, and that would give me options; I could do what I wanted, whatever that was. I’d enjoy myself and try to get the most out of this life. But I’m not guilty of anything, so why was I a prisoner in the first place; how come I’m not free now? Do you feel like you’re a prisoner? I thought about that for a few minutes as I got up and went to the liquor cabinet to pour some vodka and OJ.

No, I didn’t feel like a prisoner, I guess. Free will let me do whatever I wanted. If there was a man that committed a crime, is it inevitable that he will be punished? I would have to say yes, most likely. Then would you say it was fated to happen? Like karma-law? Maybe, but everyone has a purpose and a mission to fulfill—that’s their destiny. This goes for each person; this goes for each city, or each state and each country, since we live in one free world. I don’t want to consider myself a prisoner of society; because it’s supposed to be a democratic country, where one’s freedoms are important. But one must also pay the consequences for one’s actions. In time, yes—most likely. So is it free will, or is it fate? What if there is free will, but God knows what you’re going to do anyway? Everything happens for a reason and He is in control of all His creatures. Well, if you say so.

The TV began to look depressing after a few drinks. How could all those old folks go on that show to try and win something? Guess it’s the American Dream to get on television, let alone be given something for nothing. America, what a country! I didn’t think it was all that great—not anymore anyway. It’s become a land of patriotic sinners. The American Way is to take, take, and take, consume, consume, then blame the problem on something besides the culture. “Get out of my way, I’m more important! I don’t have to think, because there’s always an excuse, and it’s your fault.” Then we try and fix things the same way, year after year. If something didn’t work we keep trying to fix it the same way and maybe it will—one of these days. Another idea would be that those with power could be a little more creative and think of some new way to fix things—but how do they do that? There’s no other way it could work, or so they believe. But this way doesn’t work, it hasn’t worked, so why should it next time? Just have faith in the system, they’d say. See, there’s the obstacle; the belief in yourself and whatever you’re doing is right. If everyone thinks they’re doing the right thing, then who or what could be wrong? There’s always a higher authority that deems what is wrong and what is right. Does that sound like freedom? Man, America is the epitome of civilization and our growing worldwide culture; but the room is running out for those with different beliefs and ideals. Humans believe that they’re the exception to the natural rules of the animal world, like they’re outside of it and play another role. Right, we could do whatever we want since we are, without a doubt, more advanced from any other species on the planet; “Maybe we should rule the world then.” Maybe we should let the world rule itself or at least try and rectify what we’ve done to this planet.