The Tale of Mu

A Mythic Fiction/Fantasy Novel

Our world was once sustained by crystals we could create with our emotions…

The Tale of Mu follows two sprites, Baba and Badia, and their relentless search for the first two human souls, in hopes to reunite them and bring harmony back to the world.

In Lemuria, a young woman discovers that with her mind she can create crystals which manifest emotions in others. This wondrous ability takes her on an enlightened pilgrimage to a place she has never heard of before.

Seth, from Atlantis, is a ruthless lieutenant chosen to explore the neighboring nation of Lemuria, but all his tormented dreams could never imagine or prepare him for the ways of a strange and mystic land. And when he hears legend of a great crystal hidden on the shores of Mystery, the world may be doomed, if not for the hope of two sprites. Thus begins a journey that will reveal the origins of the human race.

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For a Sample of The Tale of Mu go to the publisher’s webpage or for more info go to Goodreads. This book is available at Amazon or through Realm Crux Books and it now an eBook, also available on Smashwords.